Saturday, October 13, 2007

Golden Questions

When I was a missionary, one of my mission president M. Russell Ballard's favorite techniques for getting new investigators was to have us go to to a busy place like a grocery store, hospital or mall and ask every one we met "What do you know about the Mormon Church? And would you like to know more?"

President Ballard had a special button made for us with a yellow background and a big black question mark. I can't remember that any one ever questioned me about what the button on our lapels was for. We did go around and ask people on buses or the subway the golden questions. I know we got a few initial discussions from using the golden questions.

I have always been convinced that if more missionaries asked the golden questions more frequently that there would be more teaching opportunities. I think members and missionaries should use such simplistic methods to open up conversations. I wonder if there are those who read this who have used the same technique and had better results where people were converted.

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