Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Letters from Missionaries--Italy Rome

Conference was really good. I really enjoyed the talk about the Trinity
by P. Monsen. There is always something so special about the spirit
that you can feel when those amazing special witnesses of Christ bear
their testimony. It reinforces my testimony that this church is true and
that those men who lead this church despite their weaknesses are
ordained apostles of God. Did you all watch it? What were your favorite
parts? I am excited for the chance to read the Ensign because we miss the
last session always because it goes till after midnight here so we have
to be in our apartments. I hear in the priesthood session that the bar
was raised again. I hope that all of you are keeping that in mind and
really studying PMG and living in a way to prepare yourselves to serve
the Lord. The mission is such an amazing thing because I could never have
developed the testimony that I have now and the faith that I have now
without it. There is something about bearing a sincere testimony day in
and day out to people who reject you over and over again that causes
your testimony to grow and to be cemented inside of you so that you
realize how really lucky you are to have the knowledge of the gospel and
the faith to realy on the Lord. Next week is District Conference and
Interviews and my companions last week so it will be crazyness so I will
let you know how that goes. Ok random funny occurence of the week. We
were getting off the bus and this random only man trips on the cobblestone
sidewalk and he doenst tense up or brace himself or anything instead
he just eats it face first. His little italian old man hat flies off and
his wife instead of helping him or asking if he is ok instead just
starts to lament. Non e possibile over and over. SO I pick up his hat and
help him up and he is fine, but his little crazy wife is still going
non e possiblie it isnt possible over and over and over. So we turn the
corner and my companion just looses it and starts laughing
so hard. So then I think about it and realize how random my life is and
how things just happen once in a life time and they are so out of place
that if you take a second to think about them they are HALARIOUS. So
anyways life is meant to be funny or maby it is so tragic that it is
halarious who knows. We laughed for like 20 mins.

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