Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Letters from Missionaries--Italy Rome

I am training an italian who btw does not speak hardly any english so this email is so strange to write because I have not said even one word in english in 2 weeks. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, the members and our investigators treat us differently because for some reason they just have more trust when the missionary is from the same country but that doesn\t phase me, it would annoy me that they all speak to her and not to me even though by now I understand pretty much everything and she has been a missionary 3 days, but I am excited to use that and milk the crap out of them for referals. The work like at the beginning of every transfer is changing and that makes me kind of sad but I know that it is good. Out two african investigators who I really believed were getting baptized this transfer moved to Firenze for work, they will meet with the sisters there, but I am sure that it is better because the first appointment we had was all in english and it is better for them and my companion that she doesn't have to teach them because lets just say that prejudices definitely still exist. I never realized what it meant to be from a multi-racial society but now I definitely do because here there is Italians and Stranieri aka everyone who doesn't belong. It really is kind of sad but what can I say it is a different culture entirely. My companion is pretty much the exact same height as me. How fun lol. This week we bought little pumpkins in a 1£ store and brought them to all our members as something little and cute to say thank you for all you do. We are working really hard to build relationships of trust and love with them. IT was fun we hid on the side of the door and waited for them to open and then said BooBooSettete aka Happy Halloween or Scheretta o Dolcetta aka Trick or Treat.

If any mission families want to share their experiences please feel free to place them in the comment field after this post.

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