Thursday, November 1, 2007

Letters from Missionaries--Italy Rome

We made a Halloween party in our English class last night, it was pretty fun, we did apple bobbing, pin the eye on the monster, face paint, masks, trick or treating, and made people mummies, the kids seemed to have a fun time. We also had a baptismal commitment last night. I still worry a lot sometimes about baptismal commitments, I always wonder if they really know what they are covenanting to when they decide to enter the waters of baptism. I have seen it go both ways here where inactivity is so prevalent. I just keep thinking that surely it can't hurt them to have been baptized if they had that desire to start this path. I guess I wonder a lot about what we can do to ruin our chances for salvation. In district meeting we talked about Alma 24:27 where is says that God works in many ways for the salvation of his people. If God knows everything that is going to happen anyways, then it seems that he might be able to weave a perfect personal plan for each of our lives, one that includes our mistakes but still leads us perfectly to Christ. We can of course violate it by turning our back and refusing to repent, but outside of that is there anything that we can truly do to destroy our salvation and calling or "being chosen"? We must in the eternal scheme become perfect, flawless and with out sin, but is there a synchonicity that our life lessons will circle back to us until we are able to sacrifice everything on the the alter, or tread our wine press alone? In our struggle for Godhood we must submit our complete will to the will of the father, but at the same time we must retain the power and individuality to then act a a God choosing Godlike things. The balances and intricacies of life are enough to make my head spin. Realizing this has caused me (although I still am engaged in fully understanding) more fully appreciate the song "Lead Kindly Light" Especially the part that says "Lead thou me on, I do not ask to see the distant scene, one step enough for me" I try to see and be led little by little, one revelation at a time. The truth is that the gospel is only as important as our desire and power to use it in our lives, Most things boil down to praying and recieving personal revelation for our little piece of Zion.

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