Friday, August 22, 2008

Blessing Missionary Apartments

When I was in the Canada Toronto Mission our mission President M. Russell Ballard was very concerned that we have the Spirit in our missionary apartments. During a round of zone conferences he instructed all the elders in the field to kneel down and bless our apartments. He told us to invoke the holy priesthood and to command any unclean spirits to depart and be bound and to not enter again in to our apartments. He promised us if we would do this we would have the Spirit to guide us. Being somewhat naive I knelt down and with some boldness did exactly as instructed. An unusual thing began to happen. I couldn't speak because it was an intense experience. A battle ensued for my very soul as two spiritual beings fought over me. I was very scared and had to lie down after finishing the prayer. My companion was concerned and wanted to know what was the matter with me. I continued to pray to God who finally delivered me from the evil being. I was delivered by an angel. I had a vision that I would one day become a leader in the Church. Later when I told Elder Ballard about the experience he laughed and said that Satan didn't bother with us little guys and that I should record my experience in my journal.


Quentin said...

I also served in Toronto (Brown/Bacon). We could not have invoked the spirit to cleanse the apartment in Downsview but it was suggested we invest in a bottle of Mr. Clean.

Dr. B said...

That is what I call disinfecting an apartment. That was very funny! LOL