Friday, November 30, 2007

Ezra Taft Benson Experience Laying on of Hands in Blessing the Prophet

One day I was working in Reed Benson's office when we received a call from his brother Mark that it was important that we find Reed and bring him to Dr. Oaks office in Provo. Dennis Wardle and I asked at the Ancient Scripture department where Reed was teaching. We went over to the Jessie Knight Building just as he was finishing class and drove him over there. Reed went in the back with his brother to see about President Benson. Dennis explained to me as we sat with the church security man that President Benson was having serious trouble with cataracts on his eyes and was going gradually blind. Reed came out after about thirty minutes and explained to Dennis and me that President Benson had gone to Dr. Oaks thinking they would schedule the surgery at a later date but that after consultation both men discovered that their schedules worked for that very day. Even though it was not the regular thing that under usual conditions his father would have a priesthood blessing from his brethren but since they needed to do the operation then and there his father wanted a blessing from his sons. Reed told us that President Benson requested that Dennis and I join in the circle as well as Dr. Oaks. I was only an elder and felt a bit uncomfortable standing in for a living Prophet of God. Mark anointed him and pronounced a blessing for the sick and Reed the eldest son sealed the blessing. As Reed pronounced the blessing I made a promise to the Lord that if he needed part of my sight that President Benson could have it. I told the Lord that the Prophet needed it to run the church. I really didn't think the Lord would take me at my word but I offered it freely at the time. Almost immediately my eyesight diminished slightly. I never really had perfect eyesight but I noticed that I had lost some sight in my right eye. Particularly at night objects became dimmer. I doubt it was psychosomatic because I had my eyesight checked and it was a real sight loss. I really am not an overly fanatical Mormon but I did learn not to promise something unless you really don't mind the Lord taking you at your word and I was willing to give it for Ezra Taft Benson to serve the Lord in his office as President of the Church.

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