Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Tree of Life Dream

In the Book of Mormon it talks about Lehi beholding a strait and narrow path, which came along by the iron rod. One night I dreamed that I saw a multitude of people moving on a moving metal side walk going up to the celestial kingdom. I was down below in a mist of darkness. I could see the iron rod but I just couldn't seem to get on the path no matter how hard I tried. Even though I could vaguely see the rod I couldn't quite find the path. I sensed if I could get on the path with the other people I would go in to the presence of God. I didn't want to be left behind so I began to climb up a large building hoping to be able to jump out on to the moving path which was made out of metal. In the distance was a multitude of people who were going up in the air in single file on the sidewalk. There was a green green lush mountain off to the side with a blue fountain of water. It was the most vivid shade of green that I have ever seen and that includes Hawaii where I lived for two years. I couldn't find any way to get on the narrow moving walkway that stretched up the mountain in to the sky. There was an endless stream of people. I sensed that I needed to get higher and I began to climb the building after climbing several floors I became very tired and was about to let go. Then as I was about to fall I was pulled in through a window on one of the floors near the top of the building. The man who pulled me in he continued holding my hand while he talked with me. The building was white stone like you see on the exterior of many LDS temples. The man who pulled me in had a black flowing beard and horn rimmed glasses. I recognized him immediately. It was President Joseph F. Smith. He was working in his office and was very busy. His desk had many papers on it and there were older filing cabinets on one wall. He spoke to me and told me that the family wanted me to go back down. He said we want you to be with us. He also said "you need to work your way back up to us."

At the time I didn't have much to do with the Smith family. Shortly after this I did a compilation on Hyrum Mack Smith. He was the oldest son and a former apostle called to the Council of the Twelve even before his brother Joseph Fielding Smith. He died prematurely at the age of 45 when peritonitis set in and he died of an infection on the operating table while having his appendix removed. I went and visited Macksene Rux his daughter who told me about a great treasure trove of letters he wrote to his wife. I searched the journals of many apostles and compiled a book for M. Russell Ballard. I have ever since that time been moved on to tell his story. I feel a connection to Hyrum and Macksene. Since my father was not a member of the Church, I think of M. Russell Ballard as my father in the Church. We have the same type of relationship that many sons and their fathers have. I will relate more experiences in my blog including a father's blessing at a later time. Since that dream I have felt a special bond with Joseph F. Smith.

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