Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Letters from Missionaries--Italy Rome

So I have had some really eventful couple of weeks and I cannot
believe that have already been training for 3 weeks. It seems like I just
took my last companion back to Rome. So in case I didn't already tell
everyone this I am now teaching English class entirely by myself and
completely in Italian so I have to explain the structure of English in Italian,
yeah as if it wasn't hard enough in English. lol no but I think that it
is actually helping me improve my English it is strange because now it
is three weeks without speaking English and when I read in English I
have to think really hard. Yeah strange I love it. My companion told me
that while I was dreaming the other night I was speaking in Italian and I
said Die, non scorigare, possiamo fare qualsiasi cosa andiamo avanti,
aka come on don't be discouraged we can do anything we need to press
forward. So yeah apparently in my dreams I am giving pep talks ahahahaha.
The power of positive thinking right!! This morning was my companion's
birthday and I put aside my dislike of all things birthday-related to
wake up early and cook her french toast and blow up balloons and wrap
some presents that I snook?? bo0a at our last trip to the one Euro store.
Yeah the idea of a dollar store exists even here. I don't know how we
existed before the Mondo tutto sotto un Euro. Today I bought my first pair
of contact lens, Apparently here you don't need to have a prescription
to buy them you just bring your glasses in and they tell you what you
wear and then you can buy then for like 6 euro, its way cool. My
companion convinced me to get them and is now teaching me how to put them in.
Ok enough for the random things that we have been doing. The work is
going really well, last week we decided to put our faith into practice
and to call allll of our investigators and invite them to all come to
gospel principles and then fast for them to alllll start progressing. We
had 5 investigators in gospel principles. What a huge miracle. More
then I have ever had before. I wanted to cry. We had a lesson about
exaltation and it was really good and the spirit was there so strong. Then
in sacrament meeting it was the Primary Program. All of the children
said there little parts and the CTR 7/8 class all drew pictures. One of
the little girls named Shantal who is getting ready to be baptised drew
a picture of all of the missionaries here. We are in 8, 6 anziani and 2
sorelle. I heard here before the meeting started practicing with her
mother. Her poor desperate mother trying so hard to help her finish
memorizing the words These are the missionaries who go out all over the
world preaching the word of God and bringing people unto Christ like me and
my mother. I remembered all those years that Mom helped us memorize
our lines and how we always wanted the longest part in the program lol. I
love that the Church uses the same programs all over the world to
strengthen the members. I understand now more than ever the importance to
not just go to church, but to be a part of the ward family and to serve
and let yourself be spiritually nurtured every single Sunday. I love
this branch here and all of the people who seek constantly to serve each
other and sacrifice so much for the gospel.

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