Thursday, November 15, 2007

Letters from Missionaries--Daejeon Korea

Gigi's letter made us laugh, please check out how she
spelled exaltation, I will probably regret saying that because I can't spell
either. anyhow I think it's way funny because also in our Korea there
is a 1000 won store which is equivalent to a dollar and sometimes it
has the best stuff ever. This last week we had an artist come up to us
on the street and tell us we had a light. We ask him if he believed in
ì‹ which is a higher being, he started to talk about how everyone
believed in so many different ì‹ that it was ridiculous and if God
existed he was only one God. That's when he said " And that is the reason
we need personal revelation" I know we were meant to meet him that
day. He called me two hours later and wanted to know when we could meet
and talk about the book I had given him. It was awesome. Sometimes I
struggle to have hope. Usually at that time I am thinking too far in
the future and not enjoying the moment. When I just let go and let
myself just be a tool no more and no less, then I find that God has a
perfect plan and he has set me in this sphere of influence to meet certain
people at certain times. I struggle against myself everyday. I want so
much to put everything of myself on the alter of God but I can feel
that I hold back. I want to let go of myself and my own desires and self
identity so that God can make me what he will. I have been trying to
define perfect for a while and I finally realized that me perception of
perfect is to completely do God's will. That includes mistakes, it
includes pain, it includes a personal Gethsemane, but it also includes
perfect moments like when as an investigator told us that she had felt the
spirit when she prayed the sky outside the view of her 13th floor
apartment turned pink and orange and we all looked and were quiet and
everything was exactly the way it was suppose to be. The spirit teaches us
God's will. I used to think I could earn the spirit if I was obedient
enough, if I worked hard enough, if I paid the price to know
God....but now I realize that it is there all along. Yes if we must, remove the
grime of the world....but the truth is these perfect moments of pain
and joy are just there if we recognize that God is with us. This week
as I thought about God and his plan something was taught to me, God
asked who will be my only begotten son? And he chose the savior. But I
think he would have chosen any one of us. But he only needed one. He
only needed one only begotten son. But he needed you Gigi, and mom, and
dad, he needed Flora, and Annika, Desi, Franni, and Michael, he needed
Nikita, and he needed a me too. We are the only ones that can do what
he planned for our lives. We are also his begotten and the only one who
can fulfill his plan.

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