Saturday, November 17, 2007

Laying on of Hands

There have been differing viewpoints about the sharing of spiritual experiences in the LDS Church. I view this web blog as a not only a way to spark discussion but personal snapshots in to the life of the blogger. I have been fearful in my life that I not be censored or found to be wanting by the authorities of the Church. The other day as I lay ill I got to to thinking that I can not live my life for my perceived acceptance by other people. I need to live my life for the acceptance of the Lord. I left the Catholic Church as a young man and was saved in the Baptist Church based on a spiritual experience. I also joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because of a spiritual manifestation at the age of nineteen. When I was twenty I went on a mission. When I was serving in the Canada Toronto Mission I was serving in Etobicoke with Harry Lodholm. We had a member family that we visited quite frequently the Milano family. Sister Milano was a nurse at a local hospital. She had two daughters one around fifteen and the other around twelve. I knew she has something the matter with her but I didn't know what it was. She was always a cheerful person so I thought whatever it was she couldn't be too sick. One day my companion and I went by and found out she was in the hospital. So went by to see her. When we went in to see her, she looked worse than I could imagine. She asked us for a priesthood blessing. She asked my companion to anoint her and me to administer. I think my companion was a bit shocked because I was the junior companion. I have always depended on the Spirit in my administration so I say the words that came into my mind. I bless her that she would leave the hospital and be able to attend to her family and set her business in order. My companion remarked to me after that was an unusual blessing. She gained enough strength to do just that. She went home and resumed her life. Later she told me that the doctors said she would never leave the hospital again and that she would die. I had no idea when I gave her the blessing that she was terminally ill. She spent a few months with her two daughters and eventually died. Even though she wasn't healed to recovery I learned that the Spirit will manifest to a priesthood holder what the Lord's will was for the person being healed.

I intend to share many of my different experiences. I feel the spiritual need to do so. If there any brave enough out there to share I am willing to have a sidebar on them since I believe they increase our faith by sharing them.

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