Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mission President Discernment

My mission president used to claim he could look you in the eyes and discern what you had been doing. I never really remember him telling me anything I had been doing. One time one of my older companions who was close to thirty and had served in the Navy literally forced me to go to a drive-in movie the Swashbuckler. He actually grabbed me by the front of my shirt and held his fist in my face and told me I either went or he would pulverize me. I wasn't completely stupid and went because you are never suppose to leave your companion. A few weeks later being naive I turned myself in for sleeping late when asked about my worthiness to attend a special Hamilton Tiger Cats football game. My companion has no moral remorse about going to a movie where you could see some real body parts. The mission president did catch him and I have never told this story until now. An apocryphal tale was constantly told that our mission president one time called a movie theater and asked the cashier to call two elders in white shirts out of line to talk with him. Do any of you have stories of when your mission president discerned you doing something you didn't tell him about?

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Bookslinger said...

I worked in the mission office for part of my mission. The ONLY time our MP came into the office elders' apartment was on a Saturday when we were all sleeping in.