Monday, December 17, 2007

Joseph Smith Dream

When I worked at BYU-Hawaii my wife and I had a conversation about spiritual things she thought I could ask the Lord to reveal them to me and if I was righteous he would. I was researching an article to present at the Mormon Pacific Historical Association. I didn't know where Palehu was so she suggested I ask the Lord about it. During the night while I was sleeping I had a dream that revealed to me the place and name of where the church was established in Maui. A few days later I decided that I could do the same thing in regards to the Prophet Joseph Smith. I prayed to the Lord and asked if I could converse with the Prophet. That night I had a dream in which I met with Joseph and Hyrum. In my dream the two men were discussing various things concerning the gospel and the work being done on the other side of the veil. Joseph was a very distinguished man with dark blond hair which was on the brown side. His nose was much larger and more prominent than in many the pictures. His complexion was tanned. Years later when I carried the tool box and saw his death mask that Eldred Gee Smith had it was closer in appearance to my dream than the many portraits and paintings. Hyrum was not as flamboyant as Joseph. The thing I will always remember is the vividness of the colors in the dream and the style of their clothing which was very fashionable for their time.

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