Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mission President's Children

The three different mission presidents I served under had different family patterns. My first mission president was in his early thirties so his children were very young and couldn't do much missionary work. My second mission president M. Russell Ballard had seven children the oldest three were away at college but the youngest four lived in the mission home in Brampton, Ontario. The son was on a mission and the two oldest came home from school from time to time. Elder Ballard practiced what he preached as a mission president. His children were very missionary-minded and shared the gospel with their friends. They even baptized a couple friends while they were there. My third mission president I only served under for two months so I didn't know anything about him or his family since he wasn't overly friendly, they might have been mostly grown. I do know that Ballard's children were exceptionally good missionaries I believe one or two of his daughter even served on mini-missions in the summer just like regular sisters. When the mission president's children are involved in missionary work it can make a difference in respecting the mission president and his wife. Mission president's children who walk the talk can bring many people in to the church. I am sure there are thousands of mission presidents children out there with differing perspectives. I hope we can hear what they think about what is their missionary obligation. Many probably don't feel they have any and others probably think it is important. Feel free to share your perspective either way.

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