Saturday, December 22, 2007

Missionary Letters--Daejeon Korea

President Nemrow and I had a chance to be with your daughter, at zone conference yesterday. I spent a few minutes with her alone and we discussed how she is doing. To be frank it is a bit of a struggle for her. She expressed some frustration in not knowing if she was truly helping her companion. I reassured her that she is a great blessing to her companion. I think she truly is. It was so sweet to see how happy Sister was when she arrived at zone conference. Her hair was French braided into two piggy-tail braids. She also had some darling clips holding some shorter hairs in place. When I told Sister how cute her hair was, she told me that her companion had done it for her! Sister was beaming from head to toe!!! I don’t think that she has ever had that much attention and love in all her life!

I also should tell you that your daughter was recognized in zone conference for her great efforts in learning the language. She is making great progress. When I congratulated her she told me that she has accomplished so much because she and her companion can barely communicate and so passing off language requirements allows them to work together and to communicate—if only through the missionary lessons!

Sometimes difficult situations provide us with the greatest opportunities for growth. Missions are so wonderful. They allow us to see our strengths and weaknesses so clearly. Sometimes that can be frustrating but it can also be a great blessing. As missionaries learn to rely on the Lord they learn and grow so much (Ether 12:27). They also become more effective tools in the hands of the Lord in helping others to come unto Christ.

We love your daughter! She is a sweetheart and she is doing all that is required of her. Sometimes she maybe even tries a little too hard. President Nemrow and I think she is going to be fine. We admire her for all she is doing and will keep a close eye on her for you. Know that she is very precious to us.

With much love,

Sister Nemrow

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