Saturday, December 22, 2007

Missionary Letters--Daejeon Korea

Thanks for your advice about my was what I needed to hear Hey what's up I feel like a loser because you actually spend time and energy making your emails interesting and I just write what ever pops in my head...if I write at all. It's so funny that last week was easter. I didn't even know. No one in Korea thinks about easter. I guess that's what happens when you live in an non Christian country. I don't know that missionary work is any different here than there however. The hardest thing is to get people to realize that their eternal salvation is at sake. I mean you would think people would WANT to know if the church is true...but usually that's the hardest part. We have an investigator that kinda reminds me of Carla her name is Wah Hung Oak. He husband was baptized almost 5 years ago and at that time the sister missionaries started visiting her. At fist she wouldn't even have them in the house with her, but she would let them drop by messages. That happened for two years, then she started to let them come in and read the messages with her, of course always stuffing them with food. After awhile she let them teach the lessons. This has happened since I got to the area. She however refuses to pray and doesn't participate in the lesson at all. So we started teaching with her husband. I don't even bother teaching the lessons because she has already heard them. I just started with Nephi chapter 1 and every time we read and talk about the chapter. Last week after the husband Bro. Pak shared his thoughts and testimony I felt like I should share 2 Ne chapter 4:15-35. So I just explained that my Korean is weak and I can't say what I want but that I feel the same way as Nephi. Then I bore my testimony and told her that I loved her and wanted her to progress but more importantly Heavenly Father loved her and wanted her to progress. Then I asked her what she thought about the scripture and something amazing happened. She opened up and said she felt the same way as verse 31 she wanted to do everything right before she tried to live the gospel. She actually now has a desire to do what's right but she is afraid to try because she knows that she will make mistakes. Now we can show her how the gospel can help her. She still hasn't prayed but this week when we went she seemed happier, and she shared what she thought about the chapter we read. To me that's the miracle of a change of heart. It will still be a long process but that to me is more amazing then the investigators we have that will be baptized because that's REAL LIFE that's the MAJORITY of who we teach and the less actives we visit. Even that's how we are now it's about progressing and realizing that yes life is hard and choosing to do what's right is hard. But that is real faith, knowing that something is hard and doing it anyway because you KNOW that God loves you and wants you to be happy. And everything is about love. My companion right now is really hard. President told me when I became her companion that if I felt it necessary if she couldn't change or was unwilling to change she would be sent home. She is Korean and she speaks no English whatsoever. The Korean language is far easier to speak then it is to understand. And yet I don't envy you because the spirit and really reading people's tone and body language really tells you more than words ever could. Don't ever be fooled by someone's words. Anyhow but she lies to me alot and sometimes has no desire to do missionary work but like mom told me she may be my most important investigator. She has the same problem as my other investigators...desire. If we really want to do something we can do it, no matter how hard. Don't ever stop testifing and commiting. Messages are only important if the spirit is there. And no one will believe you or let themselfs feel the spirit if they don't believe you love them. If you love them and you love the gospel then your words will not matter. The sciptures can always say what you can not. Don't let other sister missionaries rub off on you it's easy to think that you don't want to pressure people but if you LOVE them and they know that they will never feel like you are pressuring them. Serve everyone you can at every opportunity. At first if might be just to make you look good but it even changed my heart and I can actually care about people other than myself...even though I'm still pretty selfish and self centered. Baptism is important but the real change and growth that people can make is more important. Really love them. Really plan do EVERYTHING in every step of planning in chapter 8 of PMG. Your trainer is awesome because she lets you participate never take that for granted thank her every day for listening to you and your ideas and learn what she has experienced especially about the culture. CULTURE is crucial to success. If you BECOME an Italian then they will love you for it. You have to listen to me because I'm older than you and I have more experience on a mission so HA! but really I just learn every day how to become a good missionary. It's about love and the spirit there is no more and no less then that. You can do alot of things but what you say doesn't really matter how you go about missionary work doesn't matter. Giving people chances to have spiritual experiences and really doing what Christ did is what's important. The biggest thing Christ did was show us how much God loves us. Do that for your investigator. Help them change their life because you love them and they need to feel God's love to have the strength to be happy despite the comfortableness that choosing to do hard things brings. There are at least 1000 people in Italy waiting for you to change their life...I want to know their names. I love you. 사랑합니다. 저는 하나님 사라재신다는 것을 알고 잇ㅅ습니다. 모든 사람와합게 나누십쇼. 브루노 자매

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