Saturday, December 22, 2007

Missionary Letters--Daejeon Korea

Ya I hate getting old too. Everyday I wake up and wonder why my back hurts so much. We are doing really well out here. My companion is awesome and we do way cute things for the members and our investigators. She is a Korean so I supply the ideas for activities and projects and she handles logistics. We are praying to stay together one more transfer because we have two baptisms coming up! Most of our investigators are single young adult women. Also a few years ago there was an elder who baptized maybe 40 people in our area...unfortunately they didn't really understand much about the gospel (I think a lot of girls just had a crush on him) and so we have many inactive young single adult members. So basically we spend a lot of time doing activities and eating with girls our age it's exactly what I love to do so time seems to be seriously feels like I have been here a week but I'm already in the middle of my 2nd transfer! WOW! In a way it feels that I've always been here and also it feels that I just got here. Anyhow my address is ummm hold on I have to figure out how to do it in english.......ok i think it is Tajeon Mission Office> 300-600> Tajeon Post office P.O. box 38> South Korea> hmmmm...maybe I just know what it is in Korean....anyhow that should work. Also will you send me Gigi's address so I can write her. I so want to do a marathon also! I am way lazy but I'm starting to realize with things like your body really what it takes is consistent effort everyday. I always used to think dilligence was working really hard all the time and then I would get worn out and quit...Now I have learned that if I just do a manageable amount everyday I end up ahead of the game. I have especially noticed that in my language. It seems pretty pathetic to just learn one grammer form and 10 vocab a day but the other missionaries are always amazed because most of them at the begining thought they needed to learn like 20 words a day and after awhile gave up but I do my 10 words and now I know a lot. I love language. I want to learn like 5 more languages now! anyhow talk to you later> Love, 브루노 자매 선교사

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