Saturday, December 22, 2007

Missionary Letters--Daejeon Korea

Everything is going great here. Thank you for emailing. I get email on Thursday here. I got to spend my birthday with the Chway family at a shiek saw (a traditional Korean resturant) they are so awesome! They are too generous. Sister Chong (they don't have the same last names as their husbands in Korea) is going to send you an email with pictures from my birthday. She is so nice to us and if you keep in touch with her she will be a life long friend. She love to email and emails sister gunn's mom all the time. Phyo Chen Kyun (sorry if i sometimes spell things different it's really hard to romanize) is doing awesome she is so sweet. We ate cake yesterday with her and her sister and she is progressing so well we had to move her baptism back 2 weeks but she is gaining a testimony and learning and growing. She felt the spirit when we watched the restoration movie and I almost cried because she was bearing her testimony that she felt God's love. We have not been able to meet with Pak Une He because her father's health is very bad. In Korea the hospitals are kinda strange. If you go to the hospital for a broken finger you may be there for a month or two. So we hope to meet with her this week. We are also working with 7 other progressing investigators. My favorites are Kim ee Gong she is 19 and wants to attend BYUH but is also interested in learning more about God. She is sooooooo cute and sweet. She prayed for the first time last week and she thinks that the stories of Jesus's life are amazing. Also we are teaching Chong Une He she is a 23 year old collage student and she is so prepared for the gospel she understands so well. She has attended church every week and we plan to ask her to be baptized in two weeks. There are so many other people that I want to tell you about but I just don't have time! Well send me pictures of Nikki's baptism and I will try to get time to send pictures too! That cousin contacted me and I wrote back. So I will keep in touch with him!

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