Thursday, December 27, 2007

Missionary Letters--Daejeon Korea

This week I am trying to write one big letter to everyone...Sorry it
won't be very personal but I hope you all know how much I love ya'll.
Well transfer calls came. I will be going to a new area after 8 months
here. I read a quote by Joseph Smith that sums up my feelings "God will
feel after you and pull you by the heartstrings, and if you cannot
stand it you will not be fit for the Celestial Kingdom" I will miss it
here. But my president is letting me leave after the baptism on I am grateful for that. Anyhow tho really I am kind of excited
because I am kind of wanting a change and a will probably
kick my butt because I am tired and old, but might as well sprint at
the end. Pray for me haha. I think that maybe there are a few more people
that I can love. I hope you pray always.

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