Thursday, December 27, 2007

Missionary Letters--Rome Italy

So this Christmas was awesome and I probably have eaten more in the last 4
days then ever before IN MY ENTIRE LIFE it is a wonderfully terrible
ridiculously fabulous feeling. So my christmas miracle for this year was
another testimony to me of the importance of members who are
constantly listening to the spirit. So Christmas night we were at the church
watching movies and our two evangelical sisters called us. They told us
that Luciana had been sick all that day. THey both sounded like they had
lost all hope were tired, sick, and not feeling any christmas spirit.
They asked for a priesthood blessing. I told them that we would come
over with some Anziani. Keep in mind that we had taken a two hour bus ride
to get to church and the buses had by now stopped running because it
was Christmas night. Neither of the sets of Elders could come with us
because they had to finish calling home and by the time they called home
we wouldnt have time to walk all the way to our contacts house and then
home. I prayed and felt very strongly that they needed a blessing. I
didnt know what to do and didnt want to insist because after all it was
christmas, we couldnt call a member because it was christmas. So me and
my companion prayed and decided that if nothing else we would go to
talk to them, sing, pray, and then walk home. So we started walking, then
I felt impressed to cross the street at a random place, so we crossed
and right afterwards Presidente Sanna and his family pulled over and
asked us where we were going. We explained the situation. They drove us
and President Sanna gave both of the sisters two of the most amazing
blessing I have ever heard in which he basically told both of them that
the answer to their trials right now was to get baptized and to listen to
what the missionaries have been teaching. In case I didnt already
know, I know now that God answers prayers and for everything he provides a
way, even when it seems impossible. Sometimes we just have to start
walking. I love this work. I love my mission. Buone Feste.
Vi Voglio Bene

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Bored in Vernal said...

That really was an amazing experience. I guess we really don't have to coddle our little girl. She is in good hands.