Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Missionary Letters--Rome, Italy

This week was really good. We fixed a baptismal date with one of our investigators Susan, the only problem is that she has problems with the law of chastity. We taught all the commandments and told her that if she wants to be baptized she needs to keep the law of chastity, she responded that if God really wanted her to keep that law he would make a way for the father of her child to want to marry her, or he would help her find somewhere else to live... because as of now she doesn't have either. It seems like a impossible situation but she has the desire she keeps all the other commandments and has started reading the Book of Mormon every day. When she says prayers there is a spirit there that is amazing. I know that the Lord has promised that he doesn't ask anything without providing a way and that the most important thing to have is the desire to obey which she has more then enough of. She asks me every time I see her when she can get baptized. We are hoping for a Christmas miracle. In other news (S. Greer info for you) one of the inactives we worked with in Livorno set a rebaptismal date when I was there. I remember that she set a date rather far away in December because no one would be there during the summer, and because November was just an ugly month so she couldn't be baptized in November. I heard last transfer that she hadn't received permission to be rebaptized because it is a rather tricky situation with members being rebaptized. Then last week I talked with the sisters in Livorno and they told me that SHE IS GOING TO BE ABLE TO KEEP HER BAPTISMAL DATE!!!!!!!!!!! I went home and read my journal entry from the night we fixed that date. I realized how many miracles I really have seen during the mission and how much of a blessing it is to see people really change and to be able to be a part of that process that people follow that leads them back to God. I am watching our investigators here slowly put themselves on that path by making little decisions everyday. During my mission I am learning how important the decisions we make every single day are. How when we make those little decisions everyday we build the spiritual strength to make the bigger decisions when they are necessary because we know how to recognize the things that are right and we begin to feel inside ourselves a change in our desires, a change in our hearts, a change in our very natures and who we are. I love being here, and being with these people we work with, they have so much love for us as missionaries. Last week I wrote about those two sisters they pray at the end of every lesson, they pray that the angles can walk in front and behind us, that the people with which we talk will have open hearts and that they will feel the importance of our message. When we went to that appointment last week when we arrived I asked what they thought about the blessings. The sister who is sick had a fever and couldn't even sit up to talk with us. She responded, that man blessed my body to function in the way that God intended and for me to heal, I know that it will happen, I need to have patience and believe. The church is true, there are people waiting for us to teach them about it. I love that I get this amazing chance!!! Vi Voglio Bene.

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