Saturday, December 22, 2007

Missionary Letters--Rome, Italy

Dear Brother and Sister ( ),
> We are pleased to inform you that your daughter is doing well in the
> Italy Rome Mission. We met her at the Leonardo Da Vinci airport when she
> arrived, and Sister Rhien and I enjoyed getting acquainted with her during
> her brief stay at the mission home.
> We are so thankful for her decision to serve the Lord as a full time
> missionary. This service is one of the noblest known to mankind. While
> missionary work is very rewarding, it is also very demanding and difficult.
> Written communication with family and friends can be a great source of
> support and encouragement. We encourage you to write her every week and she
> is counseled to do the same. Share her mission with her and you will grow
> together.
> Missionaries receive 180 Euro (about $225) each month to buy food and other
> personal supplies. All other expenses are paid directly by the mission
> office. All of the missionaries who watch their personal expenses closely
> have sufficient to be comfortable. It is recommended that your daughter
> not receive more than she requires. If special circumstances occur, she
> should contact you to work out any adjustments (if you are supporting her
> financially). If hardships exist, I would appreciate being informed as soon
> as possible.
> Sorella will have an amazing experience as she begins her mission,
> learning how to love the amazing Italian people, speak the beautiful
> language, and do this important work of the Lord. She will begin her mission
> in Livorno and her first companion will be Sorella G. She is one of the
> best missionaries we have, so your daughter will be in good hands.
> Sister Rhien and I wish to thank you for the opportunity of working with
> Sorella . I will interview her every six weeks, and we will do our
> best to love, encourage, and sustain her. If there is anything I should
> know that would assist me in helping her, please do not hesitate to advise
> me.
> We appreciate you sustaining your daughter and thank you for not calling her
> directly. This will help her better concentrate on her work. If you need to
> contact her, you can call the mission office and we will be happy to help
> you. We know the Lord will bless you because of your daughter's missionary
> service. May this be a time of joy for your entire family as Sorella
> serves her Father in Heaven in the mission field.
> Sincerely,
> Robert C. Rhien
> President
> p.s. : would you please respond that you received this email. Thanks
> Italy Rome Mission Italy Rome Mission
> Postal Address: Street Address:
> C.P. 11/282 Montesacro Piazza Carnaro 20 (new street address)
> 00141 ROME, ITALY 00141 ROME, ITALY telephone 06 871
> 93 443

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