Saturday, December 22, 2007

Missionary Letters--Rome, Italy

salve,ahhh i miss you all sooo much. i dont really know how to use this keyboard because it is an italian key board and i cant really figure out how to capitalize my letters so any ways this letter will not have any capital letters. i arrived in italy which is absolutly beautiful. i got a new companion named sorella g. for my trainer. we are in a city called livorno which people always say is small, but it is really not that small it is like 110 thousand people, but i guess in comparison to rome that is small. it is on the mare and we do proselyting there. it is really beautiful and nice because it means there is a breeze so at least for now it is not that hot. every one needs to write me because now that i am half way across the world i feel very far away. the mtc was great but the mission is like really different and my trainer does things differently than i expected. i am in one of the two bike cities so i have to ride a bike. yes... the first few days i thought i was going to die at least one hundred times, because lots of people ride around on little scooters motorinos and have no regard for you. i thought i was going to have to be bold teaching but turns out i also have to be bold and have faith to ride a bike becuase i have to trust that heavenly father wont let a crazy smart car run over me. i still feel like my backside will never stop aching constantly and i think my legs are going to fall off but it is fantastic. i lost seven pounds the first week i was here because we only eat two pieces of toast for breakfast, stuff ourselves full of pasta at lunch but it is usually just pasta with olive oil or we eat a lot of tuna, then a piece of fruit before we go to bed at nine. i constantly feel like i am going to die of starvation, but this has been one of the best weeks of my life. we taught our first lesson this week, i cant really speak italian which frustrates me, and lots of people want to speak to you in english so that is hard to try practice italian when everyone is speaking in broken english to you, especially the members. it is especially hard to talk to younger people, because they talk so darn fast and they have a sort of dialect where they pronounce there c like h so try to say cocacola con una canuch with your c like h ten times fast and see if anyone can tell what you are saying. yeah not so much. we do alot of door knocking only it is all tall buildings so you have to ring the buzzer at the front door and they they say pronto chi e and you have to in like 10 seconds explain who you are and ask if you can share a message. they are really polite and will tell you all kinds of things but i have been here a week and i havent gotten into a house yet. the best is when they just ring you into the building by unlocking the door, they you have to run as fast as you can up 10 flights of stairs while they are asking down the stairs who is it. they you have to despritly and out of breath explain that you are missionaries and then they always say no i am not interested. its great. then at least you can knock on the actual doors in that building. it is so hard because you have to pray that they can feel the spirit through the little buzzer thingie and want to let you in. anyways lots of times they say there is no one here, non ce nessuno it cracks me up. but ya... your like then who am i talking to. the first lesson i felt the spirit soooo strong. we taught a lady named carla whose friend was over, and at the end her friend mentioned how peaceful it felt when were were teaching. it was like yeaaaa thats the spirit. we dont have that many investigators but the ones we have are crazy in a good way. carlas son is getting baptized in the catholic church this week because a priest told her he needed to, and we havent taught her baptism yet and the missionaries have been teaching her for a couple of months. she smokes during the whole time we teach her. she told the last missionary that i replaced that she didnt like her because she had a funny face. anyways real missionary work goes a lot different ly then in the mtc where you teach four lessons then commit to baptism, but i think also i am different so things will change a little bit with me if i can ever learn to speak italian. ah i love italy. i will write you more spiritual better letters next week, this week i have just been crazy because i just got here. i love you tons, and write me ok that is all for now, many more ridiculously fantastic details next week

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