Saturday, December 22, 2007

Missionary Letters--Rome, Italy

Mia Familia Wednesdays are our p day so we check our email then. Livorno is awesome we do a lot of finding work on the beach so my face is getting tan, and I am developing a nice tan line around my neck. Oh and forward me Matt's address I am going to send him a picture of me in Italy for my swim team kids and write them a letter. How weird that other people are living life like normal in the states and swim team is in fact about to start again. General Conference was really good, and we are getting copies of the speakers on tape, so I will know these talks better then ever before. It is cool how important different things become on your mission, like really knowing what the prophet has instructed us to do. I am excited that you are scrap booking my pictures. We have about 5 progressing investigators which is really nice. We asked Carla.. the lady that smokes.. to commit to be baptized this week and she told us she doesn't want to feel obligated to keep the commandments. So that was a really amazing experience to ask someone to commit to totally change their life. My companion thinks that I am a pusher which is probably true. I always want to commit the people we speak to instead of to just share a message. My companion teases me that she doesn't feel like a trainer because I don't just follow her lead I always want to know exactly why we are doing certain things. She is really patient and amazing. I understand the language really well, but I cant ever say what I want to say which is so annoying. So the next appointment with Carla I had this idea that she needs to learn how to make and keep commitments so I decided that we should commit her to fast this Sunday to show God her desire to know if this church is true. Which is funny because I think that the thing that she is lacking is really a desire to act. We brought a member to the appointment. The most amazing thing happened. We asked her to commit to fast and pray, and she told us that she is a mangione which when you add one to anything it just means like a er she is a eater... anyways so then we all bore testimony and the one the member bore was a hundred times better than ours because she actually speaks italian. Then we asked Carla to say the closing prayer. Then Carla actually prayed to have the ability and desire to fast and to pray. This is the first time she has ever given us anything besides a wishy washy i dont want to feel obligated but maybe. I love how the church is set up to grow peoples faith through actions. Then we just keep growing our whole lives, it is the most amazing blessing to be able to constantly progress. <<<<

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