Saturday, December 22, 2007

Missionary Letters--Rome, Italy

Things are going good, this week I don't have a lot of time because I am streaking my companions hair after email so we have to hurry. Things are going well. We did chalk for the first time last Sunday. All of the missionaries in our district, there are 6 of us. Go to the walkway were there are a million people walking around just doing nothing. Then we draw the plan of salvation and talk to people about what we are drawing and doing. I still don't speak Italian that well so it is always a fun experience. So of course the person that I stopped to talk to was investigating the Jehovah Witness church. They mostly just want to bible bash and I am really not interested in doing that with them. But I was talking to the husband and wife with an elder who was standing by me. He started to talk to the husband who was totally not interested in listening. Then I just started to talk to the lady who the husband was of course like .. you just stand here and look pretty and hold the baby. Turns out that she was from Romania and she didn't really know what she believed and we talked about her baby and her life and what she liked to do and what she thought her purpose was then slowly the man started to stop talking to the elder and listened to what we were talking about. I of course was telling her about prophets and the restoration. Then he sent her to sit in the car while he informed the elder about what was really true. It kills me sometimes. There is this lady investigating the church who wants to know more and come to church but she cant because she has to cook her husband pranzo before work. I am like hello have you ever heard of cereal can he not make himself a sandwich. Then we have another investigator named Jantina. She is so beautiful, she is from Holland and she is what we call an eternal investigator because she has been investigating the church for two years. She wants to be baptized but cannot because her husband will not let her. She cant have the gift of the Holy Ghost because she cant be baptized and her husband is a total jerk who tells her all kinds of terrible things. There are a lot of women in the church whose husbands are not members. They ask us a lot about what will happen after this life to their husbands. My companion tells them that they will have another chance to except the gospel. I don't really know what to tell them, just to endure to the end despite your trials and that heavenly father is merciful and just and he will bless you according to your faithfulness. But that is not really an answer. I have never been so involved in real life and yet removed from it. It is a weird thing to care so much about people because we know everything about them, and yet we don't really know anything because we have only known them for three weeks. I love you all. I hope that life if good. Thanks for writing me I love to read your letters.

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