Saturday, December 22, 2007

Missionary Letters--Daejeon Korea

That's so awesome that you get to 전도 to men!!!! we are not allowed to start talking to men here and so sometimes it's really hard to find people because many women are at home and not walking around on the streets. I'm in my new area which is really the boonies! I really like it but the dialect is really funny! they end every sentence with yu! so amusing! anyhow my new companion is an angel...seriously...I'm so lucky that I just wanted to cry the first day because was so grateful to be able to obey all the rules and be able to do really missionary work! She will go home the transfer after next but I'm seriously so excited to get to serve with her. I already know her because she is the C ordinating Sister so I will be going on a lot of splits! I'm so grateful....I can't possible tell you how strong I have felt the spirit the last few days...We both really want to do mission work and we really love the people in our area so miracles happen everyday. We have had a new investigator everyday since we started together. The amazing thing is that all three of these investigators ran up to us on the street thinking maybe we teach English and then they were really interested in our religion and agreed to meet again!!!! I just can't describe to you how amazingly happy I am. I was right to the point where I thought that I can't do this and amazingly Heavenly Father gave me the most amazing blessing of this transfer. I realize now that I can be this really sweet kind person from the intense heart break I felt last transfer and the precious happiness that I feel now! I am so grateful that I can feel that Heavenly Father has a plan for me. I still have some hurt and worry but for now I feel grateful even for those feelings because I am more sensitive because of them. I can cry with the Filipino woman who's son is so thin and sick that the message of resurrection broke my heart and softened hers. I don't think I could have taught that lesson without a little heartbreak. I can testify to the busy mother who thinks that religion is too much burden that I want to stand before Christ and be judged if nothing else so that I can wet his feet with my tears and say thank you because I have HAD to rely on him...because I am insufficient by myself. I can tell new investigators that their families can really have more hope! Because now I can see hope beautiful this world is and hope for an even better world. I can't have everything that I want...but I can have everything that God wants...I want to be whoever it is that he sees when he looks at me. I want everyone to feel like I feel right now. Where love is, there God is also. Thank you for you love... I can feel your prayers changing my heart.

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