Saturday, December 22, 2007

Missionary Letters--Rome, Italy

This week we had our last Zone Conference with President and Sister Rhien. It was awesome I love them. Sister Rhien is such an example of what a strong woman in the gospel can accomplish. She is always loving and serving the people around her. This week I have to give a training on Christ Like Attributes I get to choose two. I am nervous because it is my first time even though it will only be in front of my district like four elders and my companion. It is silly that I share the gospel all day long and get nervous to give lessons in church and district things. But it is good for me. I still don't know what I will say but I need to prepare something. So it was nice to hear some really amazing teachers teach us this week. Sister Rhien broke down the first chapter in the book of mormon and explained the pattern to us. She reads the scriptures to find every single that that could possibly be important. I am learning to read the scriptures in a different way on the mission. Then President talked about the things he has learned on his mission. He told us that if we will make three promises to God our lives will change. To be a 100% home or visiting teacher, to Always be worthy of a temple recommend, and to commit to do a certain number of endowments every year for the rest of your life. Sister Rhein talked about in 1 Ne 18 when the prophet is bound two things happen. 1. Storms come and 2. The Compass doesnt work and we dont have direction. Then she asked us something and I will tell you the same thing. Please do not bind the prophets by disobedience. There are so many fantastic things that the Lord wants to bless us with. I know that that is sooo true. One of those blessings is a prophet on the earth today. My testimony and love for the prophet has grown so much on my mission. Listen to the prophet. Read the Ensign, know what the apostles teach. I love you all, write me back!!!

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