Saturday, December 22, 2007

Missionary Letters--Rome, Italy

I am essentially out of time because we had to do email later because we sat around at home waiting for the heater guy to come. They just post things on the front door of your building like notices and you have to pretty much do what they say if you live in that building and yesterday the notice said to be in your apartment starting at 10 until the heater guy showed up. So we finally got to come do email and shopping right now and it is time to start pros. work again so I sat in the apartment today and read all of Preach My Gospel and so that was really cool. It is such and amazing blessing to have. READ IT if you haven't already and buy a study journal and do the personal activities in it and the companion and district activities for FHE and your testimony will grow so much. Then you can start doing more missionary work also. Interestingly the quotes at the end of the first chapter all talk about member missionary work. Every member a missionary. We need more members who are willing to help in this work, the way we do it is so much less effective there is a better way and that way is all YALL thats right YOU. If you don't feed the missionaries and give them referrals you should start. Ask them if they need a member to go to any of their appointments, ask them if they need somewhere to have an appointment and volunteer to do it at your house, ask them if there is anyone who is coming to church that needs someone to talk fellowship them, then pray for people who you can share a message of the gospel with and tell the people who come to mind that you would love to meet with them and the missionaries so they can be taught more. Make our home a place where the spirit is and the missionaries could use as a tool to do this important work. There are a lot of Jehovah's Witness members in Livorno we see the members doing house, the members approaching people on the street, the members doing the missionary work. Sadly there are a lot of really good things about their church but the Devil always only changes the truth enough to lead people who are truly searching astray. They have so much success because the members do the work and they speak the language and live the lives that the people we teach do. That is so powerful. I love you I dont know why I went off on this random rant. Vi Voglio Tanto Tanto Bene

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