Saturday, December 22, 2007

Missionary Letters--Rome, Italy

Ciao!!!! This week I am emailing from the beautiful city of Florence. We have come down from Livorno for P day. Florence is beautiful and full of things to see it makes me realize that the people in Livorno really are just slow going country people who like to do things like sit and watch the Mare. My trainer served in Florence for 5 transfers which is like 8 months so she knows pretty much everything you could every want to see. She is so awesome and is showing me around everywhere. I thought I would save everyone the trouble of forwarding by just emailing everyone but then I realized that If they want to get this email if not thats cool. Things are going really well we found three people who are potential investigators this last week and that is always so sweet. I was sad that I didn't get to say goodbye to everyone but S. Greer was waiting to use the phone, so I didn't want to use all her time too. I am going to write you my story since I didn't get to tell you all on the phone. We were heading to different appointments like two days and passed this little random street. Every time we passed it we thought we should really stop and do house here. So one night we were headed to do house in another part of the city and we passed the street and decided to just stop there.My companion had just told me a story about a man named F. Bevilaqua. He was about 17 in Italy living and one day he was walking down the street and saw two missionaries. As they walked closer he thought I really hope that they stop me I really want to talk to them. I don't think I will stop them because that would be weird. As they walked closer he thought there is just something about them that I cant figure out. Then they for some reason just walk past him and didn't stop him. ten years later some missionaries knocked on his door, he let them in and within a month he was baptized. He was ready to listen ten years before but he didn't get stopped. So of course I am there on the street like the big dork that I am stopping everyone who walks by while S. rings chetofs and vice versa. We are ringing and this guy walks by and I stop him, and he is interested. He listens to us teach a first and it goes really well. Then we give him a book of Mormon and he says he wants to read it and meet with us again.Then we taught two more lessons to people who lived on that street. It was just a little miracle because the week before was harder and we didn't have that much success in our finding work or with our contacts. I love being a missionary because it seems like Heavenly Father is always just giving us little miracles all the time to help us stay positive. I love my companion because she recognized the hand of God in everything. She wakes us in the morning with a positive attitude and just amazing gratitude and keeps it all day long until the second she goes to bed. At first it was hard to keep up, but this gospel is about teaching people how to find happiness and I find her rubbing off on me j.k. NO but really recognize the little things and you will realize that they are not really so little, they are instead exactly what you need to overcome your trials. Because yes this life is a prove i mean trial slash test, but it is about getting over that and finding happiness. I know Heavenly Father has given us everything we need to be happy, most importantly an awesome family!!!!! I love you and was happy to get to talk to you. Vi Voglio Tanto Tanto Bene

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