Saturday, December 22, 2007

Missionary Letters--Daejeon Korea

My companion was sick this week so I am emailing a day late...the good news is that she so far doesn't have TB or laringitis. Now we are waiting to see what else causes one to cough up blood...yuck. Anyhow beside that things are really good. The only problem is that she keeps insisting she is fine despite the fact that she has a really high fever and can barely talk she still is trying to go to appointments. I finally made her call the president two days ago and now we are at the hospital...but she got a blessing and she looks a lot better today. She keeps insisting that we will go to an appointment tonight but I already canceled it....Hopefully tomorrow we can do missionary work but I am having fun proselyting to all the nurses...they are too lazy so they will do anything to sit down and take a break...even talk to me! Hospitals are a lot different in Korea...You can just walk around where ever you want and leave and come back at anytime....the patients just take their IV's with them walking around town. I'm not really sure that it's completely sanitary but whatever. The only thing that is really annoying is the bathroom it's disgusting, I'm considering asking for a sponge and cleaning it myself. Anyhow before all that excitement I had a really great week because of something that I realized this week. I have spent alot of time in life wondering who I am. But I was reading in the Ensign an article to the aronic priesthood and I realized that one day walking along the streets of Korea that I made a what felt like at the time a tiny choice. It was more of just the thought I want to know God no matter how hard it is. That thought has beat around in my head a bunch as I have encountered all kinds of experiences and I keep telling myself...I can do hard things. Well something amazing happened I realized that as a daughter of God I really can do hard things...that made things even easier. Then this week reading that article I realized something. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. It's not so much that I just chose that but that I remembered it. I already chose before this life to be a disciple of christ...That's the real me. Of course I'm really flawed and trying to figure out how to get myself to do what I need to....But I really am a follower of Christ! Anyhow that was really exciting to me. It makes me feel like maybe I can actually be whoever it is that God wants me too be....even if sometimes that's hard for me to see. Anyhow one more thought...I read a talk about how all scripture testifies of Christ and I thought isn't my patriarchal blessing scripture so I read it trying to find types of Christ and it's amazing that I can see him in almost every sentence! I highly recommend giving it a try. It makes me think that everyone's life is a testimony of Christ....I am more and more thinking that after my mission sometime in life I really want to write a book using a whole bunch of different people's life's as a lens to seeing God...if that makes sense at all....And of course take pictures! It's just a thought but it would be really interesting to me! Anyhow I hope everyone is well.

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