Saturday, December 22, 2007

Missionary Letters--Rome, Italy

Famiglia Mia So this week was crazy because we got transfer calls on Monday and my trainer is leaving me to go be with my MTC companion and I am getting S. So I am sad for her to go and excited to get a new companion. This week we set our first baptismal date with one of our inactives we are working with. It is not until December because she still has some things to work out but I am sooo excited because she has been away from the church for 7 years and is ready to put her life in order and come back. It is the coolest feeling ever to be able to help people realize the peace in their lives that comes from keeping the commandments. It is really starting to be summer here. The second you step out the the shower you just start sweating. We have been doing lots of "house" and I realized I am thankful to be serving in Italy I realized that I don't really know what kind of finding work they do in the states but we "do park" and "house" and we also "do chalk" where we draw out the plan of salvation and try to get people to stop. The funniest thing is that last week people stoped but not that many were interested, instead there are these two Asian boys whose parents have a stand where they sell stuff that is near by and they have started to come help us draw out the plan of salvation only this is like the third week and we tease that they know it better then us. So at least we have our two little asian investigators even if no one else wants to listen. They are like 5 and 7. Then we are teaching this Romanian lady who doesn't speak Italian that well. We were teaching a first and the spirit was there sooo strong and then at the end we asked to pray and she knelt down and put this rag on her head. We were like ummm OK so we knelt and we prayed then we got up. She looked at me and told me that it was a sin to cut our hair short. I had my hair up and I think she thought I had cut it. And that it is a sin to pray as women with out our hair covered. I was like ummmmmm so then I just recommitted her to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it since she had committed to do that already. So then I went home to search the Bible to figure out why she thought that. Then I pretty much found exactly that in 1 Cor 11. So I was wondering if anyone had any advice you know besides what I was already planning to tell her about how Joseph Smith was a prophet and the times are different and we receive revelation for our day specifically and dont do things exactly like in the bible. So that was my fun experience. I guess you had to be there but she told me I was sinning like 5 times I was like ummmm OK yes I dont speak enough Italian to know exactly what to say right now Meno Male I still have my trainer. Yea I love awkward moments the mission if full of soo many. I have to go now so my companion can finish packing. Write me back .Vi Voglio Bene.

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