Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Mormon Mission Blog Gives Legitimacy to Elder Ballard's New Media

M. Russell Ballard's talk about the new media has given the Mormon Archipelago legitimacy. Mary Perriton, wife of mission president Alan Perriton has taken to the blogsphere with new blog Anyanghasaeyo: News of the Daejeon Korea Mission. Since new blogs don't get exposure of feeders I am giving her a plug on my blog. Sister Perriton tells in her and her husbands brief bio about how you guessed it they met at BYU and she took 34 years to finally get her degree. She shares with us how her righteous husband "He served a mission in Korea from 1965-68. He and 3 other elders opened the Daejeon area to missionary work in 1967, so this area has a special place in his heart." She has packed her inaugural site with cute pictures of cute missionaries including my daughter who is the sister missionary on the far right of the picture.

Elder Ballard's talk has made it possible for members in official capacities to put their message out. Who would think that mission presidents and other church officials would take to the Internet so quickly. Who would think an eighty year old man would become the blog czar of Mormondom. Instead of putting the brakes on mormon blogging it has open the floodgates for all groups to participate. I can't wait to see General Authorities themselves take to the blogwaves. I don't doubt the Mormon Blogshere will soon pervade the lives of conservative and liberal Mormons alike. There is a place for everyone. Welcome to the blogsphere.


Helena said...

Wonderful! I served in Taejon (as they were spelling it) in 92-93, and was able to go back later with my husband. I miss it something awful! I hope your daughter is having a great mission!

Peanut said...

I like the idea of this site. I am currently collecting missionary stories for a project and would love any support (even if it is simple referrals) about missionary moments. We have a simple site where folks can submit stories and photos.

Thanks for helping.