Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Letters from Missionaries--Italy Rome


That is interesting that you found that website because that experience
happened with me and my companion when the mission president's wife came to do interviews on the island when I was still there. In the white handbook it
instructs missionaries to " never include anything confidential,
sensitive, or negative about the areas where you serve." Like every where else
in the world there are problems. There are people who are inactive for
hundreds of reasons. In the end I have so much love and hope for those
people. I have to because they are some of the main people we work with
here in Italy. I have seen people change their lives and come back
into the fold diciamo. Thanks for sharing that post from her website. I
choose to concentrate on the things that I can do and the progress that
every person can make in their journey back to heavenly father,
otherwise it gets to easy to be discouraged. Things are going well, we will get
transfers next Monday so we will see what will happen. Anyways
Ti Voglio Bene

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