Saturday, February 16, 2008

Missionary Letters--Rome Italy

This week has been really good. We did some exchanges. I was here in
Ladispoli with S. L., she is from Austria. It was fun she was
telling me all about Austria and Germany. She only has 2 more weeks before
she goes home, then that made me think about my sister on a mission in Korea. I hope that your last transfer is going well and that you are as not trunky as S. L.
Anyways, We were doing normal things when I got a phone call from a man we
had given a pamphlet to. He told me that he had read our pamphlet and
that he would like to read our book now. He asked me how much he
needed to pay for it. I was so excited because this rarely happens. He then
told me that he came to church on Sunday and that no one was there. In
Italy mostly the Catholic Churches remain open all day long for people
to come and pray in, because lots of people think they need to be in a
church to pray to the Madonna or the Saints. I told him that we are only
there usually in the mornings for the mass diciamo. He told me that he
lived about 30 mins away by train and that he was willing to come here
to meet with us. We will meet with him today and are really excited,
but it is funny because there are just two sisters to cover all of our
area and there really hasn't been enough work to have more missionaries
here. The only problem is that everyone that we are finding are men, so
we have to be careful about teaching them in the park or on a walk. We
want to bring members to all our appointments but we ask a lot and
mostly they cannot come because we have a smaller ward. Anyways I guess
this is what happens when you pray and fast that the Lord can help you
find priesthood holders that can grow your branch lol.

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