Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Extravaganza Missionary Prophet Slide Show

I have spent twenty years searching out various missionary materials. I have come across seventy pictures of LDS Prophets as missionaries and mission presidents in the course of my research. I have gathered them from a variety of places including the University of Utah, the LDS Church Archives, Brigham Young University Archives, BYU Studies, the LDS Church Church Educational System and LDS.Org. The Western Digital Library produced a few of them. I found a few in Richard Holzapfel contributions in the BYU Religous Studies Center. Thanks go out to Chad Flake and Scott Duvall from BYU Archives and Stan Larson at the University of Utah. Reed Benson was good for one or two of them. I especially wish to thank Bill Slaughter for his help in finding many of these pictures which he graciously provide me several years back. Some turned yellow and I had to photoshop them back to pristine color. In the LDS photograph world Bill is one of the top experts. There are few places on the Internet or in LDS church manuals that I didn't peruse. I have scoured the Internet to find these pictures and I think it is pretty exhaustive. I give credit to Intellectual Reserve and the LDS Media department for providing several of my slides as well as private individuals. I have placed the show on the sidebar so it can be constantly viewed. I apologize if some of the titles and headers are slightly cut off in a regular post there wouldn't be a problem but I have a small window. I have another thirty to add in the next couple of weeks so check back. I would have used photobucket but it can only do thirty at a time. lets me do all of them but it screws up from time to time.

I hope you will enjoy seeing the presidents of the Church as young Mormon missionaries and as older mission presidents. Howard W. Hunter is the only prophet not to serve as either a missionary or mission president so there isn't much out there. Thomas S. Monson for some reason is limited too. I have a couple of slides of President Hunter visiting missionaries but there isn't much out there. I have the recent photos of President Monson of the CTM missionaries. I need more pictures. If you have them shoot them my way. I know there are more slides or pictures in private hands. If I missed any that you know about feel free to send them to me by emailing me at or leaving a comment with your email address. I hope you enjoy the show. Remember that if you should use them to give credit to the proper sources. Enjoy.

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