Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Missionary Letters--Rome Italy

Cari Miei,
This week was really good. We went today to a castle about 10 mins away
from our city in a little city named Santa Severa where we knock house
sometimes. It was cool there is a medieval Roman castle there, and a
museum with all of the stuff they have excavated from underneath.
Underneath there were some churches from the Etruscan time period and they
found two more ancient temples nearby in which there were 3 pages of text
written on gold plates. Two plates in Etruscan and one written in
Phoenician. When we signed the guest book my companion wrote that they gold
plates were true. lol goof ball. Congrats mom on your new position as
Basketball coach, I actually can't remember you ever even watching a
basketball game but I am sure that you will be great.

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