Saturday, March 22, 2008

Missionary Letters--Rome Italy

Buona Pasqua!!!!

This week was holy week in Italy... lol it has been quite an experience so far. I love the celebration of Christ life and resurrection. I still miss jelly beans but... The stores are full of enormous chocolate eggs and people have giant palm leafs covering the doors to their apartments in almost every building we knock on. I just wanted to write and tell you all how much I love my Savior Jesus Christ. This week we have shared the message of the resurrection, the overcoming of physical and spiritual death and the greater understanding we have of this plan of happiness thanks to a modern day prophet and revelation with all of the people we have talked with. It makes me realize how immensely grateful I am personally for the atonement of Jesus Christ in overcoming death and Satan. On Sunday afternoon most families stay together all day and eat a 5 hour at least lunch with enough food to kill a person. I hope that you will all take some time together this easter to really think about its meaning and significance in your lives.... On a funnier note, I never realized why we dye easter eggs before but my companion told me that apparently in the Apocrypha there is a part where Mary is talking to someone and she is testifying of Jesus Christ resurrection and she says he could no more be risen then this egg could change colors and then the egg changed colors testifying of Christs resurrection. lol funny little story apparently there is a giant picture of this in Jerusalem... yea for the apocrypha and all of the interesting stories people tell me are in the Bible that I have never read in the Bible, like when Mary was translated. I cannot wait to hear the prophet talk at General Conference and feel the power of the simple truths of the gospel and be able to trust that when they teach us from the scriptures it will be give us correct understanding and knowledge that comes from God, because they have the authority to act and speak in his name. Me and my companion tease each other that we are living in very special times. Sometimes we just look at each other and recite the scripture in D&C ... and knowing the calamities that would come... there are a lot of misconceptions about the resurrection of Christ... we made a fort (symbolic of the tomb) in our living room and read the story of the death and resurrection of Christ under it for companionship study. If you do the same thing ( you can skip the fort) you will see the power of the lens of the restored gospel in understanding better the significance in your life of the resurrection of Christ.... I love you all... Buona Pasqua. Vi Voglio Bene

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