Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Missionary Letters--Rome Italy

That is so funny that A. Coles dad posted on your blog. He is in my district so we are together every Monday for DDM and other random times like to watch conference etc. He is an awesome missionary and it doesn't hurt that he is an native Italian speaker lol.

I liked your story about your mission companion. I don't really know I am trying to figure out myself what the balance is. In the end all I know is that we are required to give everything to God. It is hard because I realize what a blessing that really is to be able to sacrifice for him. I guess people have to learn how to do that and to see the perspective of eternity but that is something people really do have to learn. I think in the end people are really willing to repent to come to know God or they are not willing to make sacrifices. I wish I knew better how to help people realize the desire to give up the things of the world for something better.
Ti Voglio Bene

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