Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Missionary Letters--Rome Italy

ari Miei

So I am getting a new companion named Sorella F. She is a piano performance major at BYU and a good friend from high school of Sorella B. who was my follow up trainer. I am really excited for her to come here and be my companion.

We are teaching a really amazing family right now of a older woman her daughter and her son and the sons wife and all of their children. It is 8 people family and I have so much hope for them. They all live together and every time we teach them at the end we kneel to pray and the spirit is so strong.

At first it was funny they have two younger twin boys who would laugh and didn't really know what to do when we prayed. As we have meet with them the boys have learned how to pray and when we all start to get up they are the first ones one their knees with their heads bowed. There is something so special about praying with someones family that touches my heart. The daughter and sort of leader of the family said the prayer for the first time last week in her own words. It was such a simple prayer but it was so sincere and sweet. It is amazing how much you can want some thing so bad for people you have know for such a short time. I want them to experience so badly the blessings of being a forever family. My testimony that the gospel blesses families grows every time I talk to a family about the gospel and the blessings that could be theirs through the restoration.

I am so grateful for all of the little miracles that God gives me daily, but if I had never seen a miracle I would still know that God love me so personally and powerfully because of the spirit I feel of peace and comfort and love when I kneel to pray at the end of everyday. It is such a blessing to be able to teach people how to know God as their Heavenly Father it never ceases to blow my mind that God preoccupies himself with each and every one of us and our eternal salvation.

I loved conference. I love how every person who goes seeking to be taught by the spirit can be told through the spirit exactly what they need to hear.

Thats about everything for this week
Vi Voglio Bene

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