Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tips for LDS Sister Missionaries from a Returning Sister

One of my correspondents returned a couple of weeks ago from her mission from the Korea Daejeon Mission. I asked her if she had any insights to share with other sister missionaries still serving on their missions that she thought they should know.

Here is a list of her tips:
  • My advice to sister missionaries is that love makes everything possible.
  • The three things that will begin a cycle that leads to everything else necessary is obedience, obtaining the spirit, and loving.
  • It is good to learn the language but more important is to know the doctrine.
  • The most important skill is to be able to bear pure testimony according to the needs of the people you serve.
  • You will be able to do this as you take the time and effort to pray for love, both a collective and individual love.
  • The amount of energy you put in your prayers will determine your commitment to God.
  • As you bear testimony your desire will increase.
  • The most important thing is to seek God's will and follow the guidence he will give you through the spirit.
  • Avoid the trap of believing that you are unworthy of that guidence.
  • Our Father loves us more than we believe is possible.
  • As we obtain that love for the people that we serve then we will know that God is eager to pour out blessing to us.
  • Work hard and forget about yourself.
  • Avoid imbalance, focusing to much on any one aspect will limit the amount the s
  • Spirit can influence you.
  • Enjoy the simple life that the schedule facilitates, keep the schedule!
  • Take time to enjoy and be grateful, time is short and none of it will last forever, remember you are there to make memories not only for your investigators, but also your companion, and yourself...and by proxy your family.
This is the greatest work....your life will be blessed forever because you chose to serve a mission.

Sister B. Daejon Korea Mission September 2007-March 2008

Sister missionaries please share with us your own list of tips that you feel other sister missionaries should know. Thanks for sharing!


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