Thursday, May 22, 2008

Missionary Letters--Rome, Italy

Cari Miei

This week we got transfer calls, I am staying in the same city with the same companion. We thought that with a new ward we would get some elders but that didn't happen so it is still just us... whoot whoot for a sister city.

It has been raining, so it hasn't really gotten that hot yet so that is good. I am accumulating cute husband points by doing house in the rain. tehehe

We met with some new members and they are awesome and we are planning a picnic for the ward the first week of July so that will be way fun. We are meeting with a lot of part member families trying to build relationships with the non member spouses of a lot of members. I know that they can become eternal families and that the Lord will prepare them and that he wants that for them.

I just don't know how to get them to be interested to actually listen to the lessons and have the desire to become a member. One of our members who lives at home with her parents told us that the interesting thing is that non members with member family members see the church in an interesting way because they can see the good the gospel brings, but also most members talk bad about others and they share their frustrations with their families for example the dificulties of their callings etc.

So their families see the good and the bad. It is hard to be an example all of the time, but I am realizing the power of never critizing the people who serve in the church and what it really means for members to sustain each other.Next week Brother Johnson from the area seventy will come and give us a conference so we are excited for that and the training that he will do. Thats about it in the life of this missionary.Vi Voglio Bene

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