Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Need for More LDS Couple Missionaries in West Indies Mission and Throughout the World

I found this post from three months ago on the West Indies Mission blog that Diane Robison wife of the mission president puts up for families of missionaries. In it Reid Robison makes an appeal for more couple missionaries. I reviewed the site in detail having recently reacquired the link from someone who has requested serving in the West Indies, Larry and Jan Meyers, who are sharing their experiences from preparation through the actual mission to encourage other couples to go. I had temporarily lost the link earlier in year but found it on the prospective couple's sidebar. Since I get five thousand hits a month I thought I would give it more exposure.

In a spirit of trying to encourage more couples to serve I am reposting the three month old post to encourage more couples to serve. The post shows the urgent need for couples in the missions throughout the church. I thought I would put the word out that more couples are needed throughout the world and especially in the West Indies Mission. I would give a link back to the original post but it is in MAC and not easily found. You would have to spend an hour like me reading each post one by one. If you want to do that then go ahead, it is really great seeing the pictures of the missionaries and finding out how the work is going down there.

Reid Robison wrote:

How the West Indies Got So Many Couples

One of the unique things about this mission is the blessing of having couples serve in almost all of the countries within its boundaries. When we arrived, there were 4 couples serving in the West Indies and a Humanitarian couple and a CES couple. Today there are 22 couples.The sad thing is - they go home after 18 months! We always need couples. These couples serve with love and dedication and do so much to establish the Church in the isles of the sea. They mentor elders, they train branch leaders, they assist in the administration of mission affairs, and above all they help bring the "lost sheep" back to the branch. We can "recruit" couples to serve in this mission. This practice is often called "private placement." We were told that it is hard enough to find couples who must leave family, friends, fun, finances behind and overcome fear.

Five Couples Urgently Needed

Seven couples return home in 2008 having served 18 or 23 months. We still need replacements for five of them (three in Trinidad, one in St. Lucia, and one in Guyana). We invite you to share this website link with a couple you may believe is interested and have them view the pictures at the “Missionary Couples” link (under construction - will be up very soon) to get a feel for the mission. Then if they would e-mail me of their interest at, I will answer their questions. Many of the wonderful West Indies couples were found by returned missionaries, parents of currently serving missionaries and the couples themselves. We appreciate your consideration of this request to find couples to help continue the marvelous work of establishing the Church in the West Indies.

President Robison

Dr. B. writes: I think it would be cool to serve down there. Notice the great tans on the missionaries. I might consider it myself in nine years when my youngest leaves home. Couples can make requests of where they serve. If you want to go to a particular mission then get a hold of the missionary department in Salt Lake City. You can check out their cost by going to Missionary Department and find out about current openings Senior Missionaries Opportunities . If you have any questions about serving a couples mission feel free to call the Department in Salt Lake City at 1-800-453-3860, ext 23492 (for those outside the U.S. the country code is 001-801-453-3860 x23492). If you don't care where you are going you can begin the paperwork through the online application process--The Missionary Online Recommendation System--where couples or senior missionaries can apply from the convenience of their homes.

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