Thursday, July 10, 2008

Missionary Letters--Rome, Italy: Mistake Turns Into Blessing

Cari Miei,

So this week has been absolutely amazing, Rome is HOT but I love it. I am trying to really recognize how many miracles we have everyday and to see the Lord's hand in everything. Yesterday we had a experience that I could not forget.

So in the morning we went to see a man named Flaminio who the sisters who were here before us met, they wrote us a note telling us how to get there and that he was Italian but had a Romanian wife named Maria. We found a Book of Mormon in Romanian and wrote her Maria a dedica in the front. Then we planned to call some of the old investigators who we had found in the Area Book.

When we went to see Flaminio he told us that his wife was not Romanian but Italian and that the Book must be for someone else...

We were supposed to meet a new investigator named Fernando at 9pm at a bus stop so we went but we were about 30 mins early, we had planned to knock some doors in that area. At first we were heading towards a street and we passed this beautiful family with two beautiful blond babies and didn't talk to them because they just passed so quickly and we were headed in the other direction. However on the Bus going there I had seen a little piazza with some benches and trees and a child's slide. So I told Sorella Chavez that we should go there instead. When we got there we saw this family sitting on a bench. We headed straight for them and told them about eternal families and prophets.

We asked them for their names, Claudio and Maria, Claudio from Rome and Maria from Romania. We told her that we had a Book for her with her name in it because God had prepared it for her and that it would teach her more about her Savior Jesus Christ. Yea I know amazing but it gets better... we finished the 1st leasson, left them a reading assignment, got their phone number, and told them we would call them in 5 days.

So when we got home after our appointment I told S: Chavez that we needed to call the old investigators still and looked in my planner for their names and phone number, on today's page of my planner I saw Claudio and Maria... I told Sorella Chavez to get the sheet with their information written on it and read me their description... Written was Claudio is Italian, Maria is Romanian... I told her to read me the phone number... it was the same. God had lead us to this family, once they passed us but he lead us to the park where they were so we could talk to them. He also had prepared us with the Book of Mormon to give them with her name written in it with our testimony... But even before all of that we already had their phone number, but maby they would not have accepted us if we had just called so God lead us to them TWICE.

I know that God loves these people so much that he leads us over and over again to them, to give them the opportunity to accept the gospel. He works mighty miracles all to bring people peace and joy in this life. I love being a missionary. I love that God is all knowing and that he prepares every needful thing. I love you all so much. Trust the Lord to lead you where you need to be and seek always to be an instrument in his hands to bless the lives of others.I love you all so much. Vi Voglio Bene

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