Thursday, July 10, 2008

Featured Blog of the Month: Steadfast in Christ, A Missionary Journal

I came across an exceptionally nice missionary blog Steadfast in Christ: A Missionary Journal that is being maintained by three missionaries from the Tarbet-Neves family, currently serving for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I think one of the mother's is putting it up because it has some exceptionally nice links of Sister Freeman's son. It mostly chronicles the mission of Elder Freeman but has a few things by the two other missionaries from time to time. The family has had an additional sister missionary who served and has pictures of all four missionaries.

They site has a nice array of links on their sidebar including one that allows you access to Chat with an LDS Missionary Live.  They have four slide shows with hundreds of photos of their missionaries in action.

The missionaries take turns posting a short spiritual thought each week.  A few of the previous posts included:

A Sure Foundation

Steadfast and Immovable in the Gospel

I Love Teaching People

It runs mostly from Elder Freeman's calling in November 2007 until now July 2008.  It has morphed as time has progressed.  I think the family put up the site in response to Elder Ballard's New Media mantra of sharing the gospel with others.  I think you might enjoy checking it out.  I had a fun time and put a few photos in to my daily life of a missionary slide show.  Enjoy.

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