Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Missionary Letters--Rome, Italy

Cari Miei, So this week was really good, happy 4th of July in 2 days. You all make sure to burn a firework for me and I will make sure to say the pledge of alligence and sing the national anthem for companionship study. I remember last 4th of July, I was in Livorno and me and Sorella Boynton had a conversation about how blessed we were to be born in the US of A. Anyways we just got transfers and I am leaving Ladispoli. I am a little sad but excited to get a new start one more time before I finish. I will be blown into Rome 3. It will be the 1st ward that I ever serve in. It will be a little crazy but my new companion will be Sorella Chavez who is from Mexico maybe I can even get her to teach me Spanish. I hear that it is the ghetto of Rome so that will be really cool. I am excited to finish with a bang we are being blow in which means that neither of us have served there before so we do not know anything but I am so sure that we will be lost pretty much every day for the next transfer. I am sad to leave all of these people that I have come to know and love and especially because we have so many progressing investigators who are almost ready for baptism but I know that the Lord needs S. Call here and she will be so good for them... she can put um in the water. I listened to a talk today by P. Monson he said that we are to thrust in our sickle with all of our might and that the harvest is the Lords. I am trying to work as hard af I can and always have more faith.

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