Monday, August 11, 2008

Helpfulness of Missionaries Often Goes Unnoticed

Today I did something really stupid at the library I work at, I locked the keys to my car inside my van. I didn't want to pay a locksmith so I got a wire hanger and opened the side window. Then I figured I could loosen the one screw holding the window so I could reach inside and open the door. I had worked on it for about one hour when two LDS missionaries popped up and asked me what happened. They told me they had smaller hands than me and could they help. After about fifteen minutes they started getting discouraged as one looked at his watch. Even though I knew they wanted to check their email they never gave up. Finally one suggested since we had the side window partially open that we could get a ruler or some other wooden object to press the unlock button. I went inside the library and came back with some wooden moulding. After abot five more minutes one of the elders was able to press the electric button which unlocked the door. One of them you said you probably feel real stupid which I did. The nice thing was that even though they only had nine hours on their P-day they wasted one hour on helping me open my van. I have always admired the missionaries for their dedication in helping memmbers whether it is moving furniture or a pool table or piano. I was told by employees of my library that over the years the best volunteers they ever had are the Mormon missionaries. I have never been embarassed by any LDS missionaries who have worked in libraries I have directed. I am glad for their sense of service. I know that two missionaries in Australia helped a woman by saving her from a knife attacker in Australia in July 2008. Missionaries parents should be proud of the service they render whether it is high profile or low as I was helped today. I am glad we have the Mormon missionaries in our community.

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Bored in Vernal said...

I'm sorry you locked your keys in the car. Guess we need to get an extra set!

I miss you...