Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cruisin´ the Streets of Malmo, Sweden

Today on my vacation I was cruisin´the streets in Malmo. I was able to talk with a few people. On the way to my hostel I talked with the driver about any Mormons he knew that worked at the university where I was visiting. As we came up to a major intersection he pointed out the turn to the LDS church. Later when I got to my hostel I had a chance to talk to a Nicaraguan women who manages the hostel. I forgot how easy it is to get in to gospel conversations. It almost like being on a mission again in Italy. I don´t understand why there aren´t more baptisms? I wonder if being the United States with affirmative action concerns or fear of sharing the gospel sometimes impedes our opportunities to preach the gospel. Maybe being in a foreign country and being a stranger makes it possible to open up more for me. In the United State I don´t feel so free talking about religon on the street corners let alone people at work. Language wasn´t really a barrier as most Swedes speak English. I didn´t encounter one person who didn´t understand what I was saying. I wonder if our attitude holds us back from getting in to gospel conversations. I wish I had brought a few Book of Mormons because people here are very open. Maybe the fact I´m not officially a missionary makes it easier to strike up a gospel conversation. Maybe our expectations affect our ability to touch others.

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