Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Repetition, Repetition (First Email MTC)

Monday, January 26, 2009

So, we get 30 minutes on the computer today, which is my preparation-day. I wish I had gotten on the computer first because I just spent the last hour writing you guys a letter that I plan on sending because I spent an hour on it!! But sister Ackerson and I decided we are just going to use half of our time on the computer now and check our email again later to see if you guys wrote back or whatever. She's really anxious to hear from her family.

So, since I'm going to get back on later and read if you wrote me anything this will be short. And business first. Mom my teacher said most of my skirts are too short, the day he told me that I was wearing the one you made, so according to him even your dress was too short. So could you make sure to make that black skirt REALLY long, like ankle lenght and if you have time make a brown/creme/or white one. And i'll just wear one of those two skirts every day under my other ones. Also, I don't have that brown dress that was really long that I wore on Sunday, it must still be at home, so if you can send that as quick as possible, I'll stop getting in trouble for my skirt lenghts. It has to be "mid calf" so I only have 2 that work at all for his standards, and one is dry clean only. My companion and I both think my skirts are fine, because they are modest and cover my knee completely, but I need to learn Chinese, so I need to go to class..so I need to have skirts that meet the STRICT requirements of my teacher brother Hutchings.

I like my other teacher Song Laoshi, or brother Sampson a lot. He is really matter of fact and he is really plain about things. I like that a lot. Brother Hutchings is more of a circleing things kind of guy, but he's nice overall, he just doesn't deal with situation well.

I love my companion. She's the best. There is a solo sister here that is in the older district that is our dormmate, her name is sister tedjumulia. She was in Gen and Annika's ward so she knew them. I guess she has a sister who is older who looks like her? I knew i recognized her from somewhere.

So far I haven't really learned much Chinese. But I think I'll start actually learning more next week.

They have asked us already to SYL, so I try to sit next to the Elders that have been here for 7 weeks. Particularly Sun Zhanglao. He's always willing to talk with me in Chinese and teach me new words and phrases. Its suprising because most of the older district hate to SYL during meals because they just feel like they need a break from Chinese I guess. But it's sad for me because they are the ones I need to be speaking with, my everyday Chinese vocabulary is pretty much almost to the same level as theirs. I just have a long way to go on the gospel vocabulary. But so far I've had plenty of meals that I've practiced speaking to many of the older elders and I was able to improve little by little.

The first couple days went by SOOOO slow,but Sunday picked up and today is Preparation day, so it should fly by...I'm hoping the days don't start to slow down again, because BOY the last few went by slow.

Yesterday Sister Dibb, President Monson's daughter taught Relief Society. Well, spoke at. She talked about how she read an obituary and had an impression to go to the viewing because the description of the 14 year old girl was so wonderful...it talked about how she loved the gospel and stuff. Then that night she had dinner with her father and told him about it, and her father had an impression to go to the funeral and he was able to testify that that little 14 year old girl was in Heavenly Fathers arms. How awesome is that? The prophet was able to comfort her parents and say she was well taken care of.

Well I'll only have 11 minutes later to recheck this so I'll go now! Later...oh and I don't know if I'll have time to get on every p-day so the dear elder letters are good too. I get those the same day you send them. haha.

Okay, bye.

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