Monday, March 30, 2009

Invitation Sunday: Kennewick Washington Mission Technique

Sister Sarah Ricker who is serving in a new ward the Candy Mountain Ward in the Kennewick Washington Mission shares a missionary technique called Invitation Sunday that drew in 33 visitors a couple of Sundays ago:

what else, we had like 33 visitors at church on Sunday, between our two wards. it was invitation Sunday, which means, across the whole mission, all the members were encouraged to reach out and invite their friends to come and see what our church services are like. i know what you’re thinking “visitors are always invited” and yes of course they are. but, it always helps to have a focus and a concerted effort. we pushed it hard. we even had the mayor come. it was great. my hope now is that they felt the Spirit that was there and have a desire to come back and feel it again. the talks were all centered around Jesus Christ all that He did for us, our Heavenly Father’s plan for us, the Book of Mormon, and of course, Jesus Christ and all that He continues to do for us. i was especially impressed with the youth, they really reached out and invited their friends.
When I was a missionary in the Toronto Canada Mission we did something similar as we would flood an area with a zone of missionaries and have them knock on doors inviting people to an open house or some other special church program. We would pass out flyers or small cards with the date and place and time. It can be a very effective technique when missionaries concentrate on inviting people in their areas out.

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