Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Missionary Letters: Business Mostly...Duibuqi

Monday, March 30, 2009 7:26 PM

I don't even feel like writing this week because I can't stop coughing so we'll see what I can pump out in a couple minutes, or if maybe I stop coughing for a little while. It's pretty awful. I'm scared to eat because I cough so hard I gag, and if I eat I'll probably let go of my food. So there's a nice visual there for you all. The MTC is germ infested. It's not even cool in any way at all. I was sick at home before I came...got over it...came and was sick like week 2-4...and now since last week, 10, to whenever it goes away I'm sick. Except this time it's worse. What's with my awful immune system these days? I lived in the Idaho cold for 3 winters and never got this sick once. Life just doesn't make sense. It could be due to the fact that we've been reporting that the heat in our room is broken for awhile and whenever we call the guy he's never in his office and nobody has come and fixed it for us yet? And our room is 50-55 degrees at night. I wake up freezing under the like 4 blankets I've been sleeping with like 15-20 times a night. Haha. So really I blame that for my sickness, but my teacher Brother Simpson was sick sore throat, etc last week, and a few of our boys got a SLIGHT cold, so maybe my body caught that and took an extreme reaction.

This week was good, oh yeah, I bought a tape recorder too because I got a blessing from one of my teachers and we recorded it. I have 6 tapes, if you guys want to buy a tape recorder, I could send a tape home, what do you think? Let me know, it wasn't too expensive here in the bookstore, so it's probably even cheaper in real life. It's the tape recorder that takes the smaller tapes. Send me a Dear Elder if you want me to send a tape home. Which reminds me, mom did you take notes on my setting apart blessing by any chance? If you did can you send them to me, because I dont have notes on that and i'd like to see them. Even though I'm sending all my MTC letters home this week. Haha, but I guess I'll maybe send the rest to gigi and gen next week if i don't have room for the letters I get this week. Um there is a postal service thing in Provo that's free and you just write your families number on the package and stuff, and they call and say it's at the provo post office. I'm going to try to run into Amanda Nelson and give her my box, but in case I don't can I get people's phone numbers? I don't remember any in my head except mom's.

Which by the way reminds me another point of business, I thought people just called their parents at the airport because they could and that it wasn't necessarily allowed so I wasn't going to, but our mission president told us this week that we could, so I know it must be allowed if he told us we could. So yeah, I need peoples phone numbers and also people to pick up the phone next tuesday. I'll probably call the 1110 number first. I'll call you when we are in Los Angeles because we'll be in Salt Lake at like 6am, which is 8am your time and not too bad, but we don't have as long as a wait there, so I figure it will be better to make the call during our 3 hour layover in LA. From LA we go straight to Taipei, so it's not too bad of a flight. Just long. And strict regulations. I'm thinking I'm going to get my suitcases to both be 50 lbs and the carry on to be 15 like they let us. I'll have to send a lot of things to you girls in Provo to make this possible. So look for that. Sorry most of this is business but your last week in the MTC you have to take care of business. Haha. I packed necessities today and my suitcases are 51 and 53 lbs, which means i need to figure out 4 lbs I don't need. so I might even send myself a package to Taipei of like my tampons, but whatever I do, our airline is RIDICULOUS and charges 150 dollars for going over. I could send a package for like 20. So that's why i'm figuring it all out now. I'll have time to write next week too, it will be my last day in the mtc and it will be busy.

I actually only have 8 minutes left now so lets see if i can think of something interesting to write for the last little bit...this week was really good. Since general conference is next week, our schedule is a little thrown off. We only get to see our teachers 4 more times each. That makes me really sad because I really love my teachers and they are a huge resource for me. I'm going to be sad not only to not have that resource, but they are both amazing people as well and I'll miss them. That's what I've already discovered I don't love about the mission, but its a good opportunity at the same time. You meet so many people and you learn to love them. And then before you know it your time with them is over and you have to move on, and the saddest part is you'll probably never see or talk to a majority of them again, even though it felt like you went through a lot with them, and usually in the real world, people you go through that much with, are your friends for a long time since you stuck so much out together. But it's nice because you get to love and know so many people and you learn that it's what's inside a person. You can get along with anyone if you look for what's inside, at the part of that person that chose with their agency the same thing you did. It's funny how even though we know that as LDS's, we have a tendency to forget, to look at what annoys us instead of what we have in common. I know it took me a long time to love my teachers like I do. I only wish I could go back and change the days I didn't see how amazing they were, I could have gotten so much more out of the MTC than I did. But the thing is you can't go back and you can't spend forever wishing you did, so I have one week left to suck up whatever people have to teach me and learn whatever I can in this last couple days...and then I'm off to a new part of my mission. It's an exciting life. It's an emotional roller coaster. But it's worth it. You don't have to take an entire mission to realize that.

Oh and by the way, I'm going to be a baptizing missionary. Buahaha. I'll talk about our devotionals lately another time, but yeah, they keep telling us every missionary should be a baptizing missionary...so that's what I'm going to be. I'm bold. You all know that's a strength of mine :) so watch out Taiwanese people, you don't even know what's coming.


Fu Jiemei.

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