Sunday, May 3, 2009

Outgoing Missionary Firesides: Innovative Approach For Converting New Members

In the California San Jose Mission they have a very interesting missionary practice that President Eric M. Jackson does with outgoing missionaries. The night before transfers the outgoing missionaries are invited to speak at a special missionary fireside.

The purpose of the fireside is to share the gospel with new investigators in areas near by and former investigators of the departing missionaries. Each missionary bears their testimony and shared a few ideas with those attending until all the elders and sisters departing have spoken. A couple of recent converts are invited to share their experiences with those attending telling the importance of the gospel.

One of the returning elders reported his experience in our home ward this Sunday. He told of how he had served twice in Hollister, California and one investigator he worked with the first time he was in the area didn't show much interest. The second time he was there she was more receptive but still didn't join the church. He lost track of her until the night before his mission departure when she attended at his request the outgoing missionary fireside. After coming home he learned that she has joined the church and will soon be going to the temple.

I think it is a great way to touch those who are still investigating as seasoned missionaries are able to bear their testimonies for a final time. It is a creative approach to missionary work. I commend the California San Jose Mission for this innovative technique.

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